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is the only auction results site on the internet that we know of where past auction results for paintings by not only Alton Tobey, but for thousands of other artists are available free of charge, without having to subscribe to membership by paying a fee. The only requirement is to register on the site, which is free. Congratulations to the owners and operators of this site for providing this much needed service for art lovers and art collectors!

The American Art Archives is a unique web site dedicated to the memory of the great Illustration Artists. With hundreds of images of paintings, magazine & book covers, artist's bios, essays and other material relating to illustration art, the site gives perhaps the best authoritative overview of the subject available on the internet.

Searching for the best History degree program can be a time consuming task and it is certainly very competitive. This web site is designed to help students who are interested in History programs find all the info they need by visiting one site.

Fine Art Info
is a site where you can get a fine art appraisal, art prices & search artists free. They also have an artists' signature & monograms database available at no charge.

The National Society of Mural Painters (NSMP)
is an organization whose major concern is the advancement of techniques and standards for the design and execution of mural art for the enrichment of architecture in the United States. Alton Tobey was President of the Society from 1984 through 1988.

About AcademicInfo
is a site for students and other individuals who may be thinking about a career in the arts that brings together the best educational institutions and programs they offer directly to you.

Contemporary Art Gallery
magazine is a publication targeted specifically to artist and modern collector business with many informative announcements, essays and interviews with guests, artists, galleries, museums, designers and architects, in addition to a comprehensive resource section for art investment and related subjects.

The National Museum of American Illustration
is the pre-eminent museum of American Illustration in North America, having the largest collection of original paintings in the world by famous American illustrators such as Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth and many others. Paintings by Alton Tobey are in the collection of the NMAI.

Illustration Magazine
is a beautiful, educational, and scholarly magazine devoted to the history of American illustration art. Published quarterly and printed in full color, each issue features the highest quality printing, photography and color reproductions of original art available anywhere. The fall 2007 issue (#20) of the magazine featured a profusely illustrated article by John Matuszak on Tobey's life and art.

Art Directory
Art Directory

the community
is a free twice-weekly newsletter for artists and those who appreciate art, written by Robert Glenn, an artist who has a keen literary as well as visual talent. The site contains an Artist Directory, a Resource of Art Quotations, a Studios Worldwide directory of artist's locations available and other valuable resources that are of interest to artists, collectors and art dealers.

Art News Blog
is a very well thought out, interesting and interactive selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online, published by Australian artist Dion Archibald, who searches the web almost daily for the more interesting art news stories published each day from not only Australia, but from around the world.
is a comprehensive directory of arts websites managed by the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo New York and its web site provides links to hundreds of other art resources.
is as website where artists with the highest potential are recognised and given exposure, and links to their web sites are featured.

Ask Art
is a comprehensive listing of thousands of artists and information on their work, biographies, exhibitions, auction prices and other data.

The American Center for Artists
is an electronic magazine that focuses on the biography and autobiography of famous and emerging writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, and other artists. It also presents new and reprinted works by these artists as well as articles about them.

is an online news magazine, published free to subscribers worldwide and is sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation. AKN brings to its readers unbiased information and news about art, the art world, museums, artists, exhibitions, articles reprinted from renowned art publications, art resources, features, photos, commentary, and a vast array of art information found nowhere else in one source.

Directory Gallery
is an Art Directory that links to resources and information websites.
is an arts directory and information on the web.
is a very useful comprehensive directory of modern and contemporary art.
is a very useful art and painting directory for searching out artists' work.
is another very useful searchable directory of artists with information about their work.

Douglas Ready
, a successful artist and illustrator, offers a great free weekly newsletter Selling Your Art that should be on every artist's email newsletter subscription list.

The Incredible Art Deparment
is an informational site about art and artists that has been serving teachers, students and parents in art education since 1994, and is highly recommended.
is a comprehensive directory of art and artists' web sites.

Painters Keys
is a directory of artists and offers a free artists' newsletter subscription.

Top Paintings Sites

Paintings Directory
is a directory that lists 10,000 Paintings on the Web. - Directory and searchable database of art resources.
is a Directory and searchable database of art resources.

provides visitors with free auction records and a price database for art, as well as art signatures and monograms.

The Art Fix
is artist Augusto Bordelois' free weekly newsletter of free and alternative promotion and distribution of art and literature, featuring artists and their work and dedicated to promoting art for the sake of sanity, happiness and art itself.

Museums Today
is a website featuring museum news and resources that provides current and archived press releases, news, events listings, exhibit opening announcements, traveling exhibit search and related information for and about museums and other public venues.

The American Society of Contemporary Artists
is an exhibiting organization of painters, sculptors and graphic artists for over 80 years. Alton Tobey was an active member of this distinguished group of artists.
Painter Gallery
is a comprehensive artist's directory.

Manhattan Arts International
is the pre-eminent website for artists seeking assistance in promoting their art. Renée Phillips, author of The Complete Guide To New York Art Galleries offers an outstanding newsletter, two other books, seminars and private consultation to artists interested in furthering their careers, on this must-see website.

About Art History
is Shelley Esaak's great site that features continually changing features on both lesser and well known Artists You Should Know; and a timely free subscription newsletter on Art History.

Art Directory 411
is an art directory and information source on art on the web.

is an Italian language blog containing many interesting art references and articles dating from 2001 to the present. Visit this informative and entertaining resource whose motto is "Sin arte la vida ser�a un error."

Art Daily
is a reporting source for news of the artworld worldwide, with free subscriptions for daily delivery by email available from their website.

Art Times Journal
is a Literary Journal and Resource for All the Arts distributed freely at arts centers and galleries in the Northeastern part of the US with a concentration in the Hudson Valley Region and the Metropolitan New York area. It is available by subscription and at select newsstands.

The Art Newspaper
is a journal containing important information about art, artists and other events in the art world. Free excerpts of articles from their subscription-based printed edition are available on their website.

World Artist Directory
lets you view artists by location, art form, exhibition or award history, commission availability and more.

Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc.
is a charitable organization that fosters education and nurturing understanding of American visual arts among student and adult populations through publications, guidance and counseling of nonprofit arts organizations and related activities.

Paul Firestone
is an author, playwright, actor, educator & inventor who was a great friend and supporter of Tobey and his work during his lifetime. Visit his web site to learn more about him and about his latest book "The Pulitzer Prize Plays" published by Limelight Editions, a Hal Leonard publishing enterprise.

is a dictionary of art for everyone interested in art production, collection, or history. You will find articles on thousands of art terms, along with terrific images, pronunciation notes, great quotations, and links to other resources on the Web.

has information and resources for artists and the arts industry, and includes services and products for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Absolute Arts
is an excellent information source about curent events in the art world internationally and publisher of a subscription based free daily art newsletter.

Art History Resources
on the Web is Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe's excellent survey of thousands of artists and their place in art history.

d'ART - The Internet Art Database
The Internet Art Database.

Your Art
Your Art Links
, The Art and Artists Directory. Over 4000 Art, Artist and Art Related Resources!

World Wide Art Resources
is a search engine for artists, galleries, art history, museums, art education, art blogs, many other subjects of interest; a free subscription to the Absolute Arts newsletter also available through this site.

The Artchive
is Mark Harden's excellent multi-faceted site featuring art reviews, art CD-ROM reviews, gallery information and much more on both famous and lesser-known figures in the worlds of both classical and modern art.

The Artcyclopedia
has great art online, from over 8,000 famous painters, sculptors and photographers, at art museum sites & image archives worldwide.

World of Art and Antiques
is an online gallery featuring works by artists and artisans, along with antiques and collectibles of world wide age and origin.

New York Artists Equity
, where Tobey was a member, is a non-profit network & support group whose activities and programs recognize the artist as a whole person and are designed to meet the broad range of human, social and work-related needs.

Art Niche New York
is the non-profit effort hosted by New York Artists Equity Association devoted to furthering the cause of the visual arts.

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Washington DC's First Online Community.

Digital Consciousness logo by Sabina Nore
is a site that features listings of thousands of the world's best-known artists and links to their websites.

Artist Tim Seaward's Link Page
contains directions to over 900 websites about art and related topics in some 40 different categories.

The WPA Murals Website
The WPA Murals Website
has information about the 1930's Public Works of Art and Federal Art projects, including early murals by Alton S. Tobey and hundreds of other artists.

Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Television
serves the lower Westchester County NY area with informative & dynamic programs covering neighborhood cultural and other events.

-- The free artist's community forum.

ArtQuest Link
is a comprehensive artist listing resource containing information on hundreds of new and recognized artists.

The 123 Artist Art Directory
is a guide to art on the internet with hundreds of thousands of artists listed.
-- The complete A to Z of Art Resources!
-- Quality Sites on the Web.

Art Gallery Worldwide
Art Gallery Worldwide
offers artwork in different styles and media, and a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.
-- Web services for artists worldwide.

Alton Tobey\'s 1963 \"Alamo\" Painting Used in Historical Diorama - Original Painting to be Auctioned November 23rd, 2008

is a calendar of events in the art world on a day-to-day basis, searchable by date.

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(A few of the many articles on Alton Tobey & his work.
Many more will be added in the future.)

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Biography of Thomasville Mural in The New York Times, Westchester Weekly; July 25, 1993.
East Hartford Mural article by Kevin Maywood in The Journal Inquirer n/d.
Tobey's PWA Work in The Aircraft Journal, September 1942.
History of Ships Mural article by Kathy Beals in Gannett Newspapers.
Cultural Mutilation Mural article in Arts In Review.
Studio for Tobey in The Ursuline Review, October, 1984.
Roots of Westchester Mural, in The New York Times, Westchester Weekly, May 5, 1985.
Roots of Westchester Mural article by Ian T. Macauley; in The New York Times, n/d
People on the Move article in Westchester Spotlight January 1983.
Commentary by Raymond E. Tubbs, restorer of the Hartford Mural September, 1977.
Suburban People article in Gannett Suburban Newspapers, July 13, 1993.
Alton Tobey: The Artist by Eve Medoff in American Artist magazine, May, 1976.
Malaren Tobey article by Paul Raae in Berlingske, May 1974.










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